This simple little coupon sold £25,000 worth of food. It brought in hundreds of new customers with 500 coupons. The restaurant manager said it was a ‘phenomenal, phenomenal opportunity’.

• Low cost promotion of your business.
• Accountability – You get a coupon so you can see how successful it is.
• Proven method with Royal Mail Delivery.
• Targeted to your local area.
• Distributed to approximately 25,000 homes and busineses.
• We will design your coupon with our tested layout.
• Your customers get a valuable publication that isn’t adverts! – It’s coupons which have a real value.

‘A CAT AMONGST THE PIGEONS’ – If you have tried, newspaper, internet or radio advertising and found the results hard to measure, then look seriously at the new Coupondeals Publication as a BETTER ALTERNATIVE!

We produce the Coupondeals publication, it is a glossy folded A3 publication that is delivered by The Royal Mail to targeted postcode areas. Your area is possibly next. Coupons have an innate value in that they propose a ‘money off ‘ or ‘special deal’ offer to the recipient. People love coupons. People love money off, people love deals!

Coupondeals is coming to your town! We are developing Coupondeals across the UK. You will see that it makes sense to advertise with coupons; Coupons bring in new customers, Coupons expand brand awareness, Coupons encourage loyalty, Coupons create a strong customer base, Coupons encourage your local customers to use your business time and time again. Coupons are a physical tangible currency.

 As a business owner you can tempt your local customer base with offers that you choose. As a business owner you can fit the Coupondeal customer  into hours of the day or days of the week that you choose. As a business owner you can physically count your returned coupons which = Customers which = Revenue which makes the whole concept of coupons easy to quantify and justify!

Get in on the act now and talk to us about the best positioning of your coupons in the publication and even how you can buy more space! – What other medium reaches so many people with a valuable, tangible coupon proposition?

We know you will enjoy the feeling of knowing for maybe the first time that your advertising budget has worked! We really hope you will see the huge opportunities that coupondeals offers your business. Please contact us to discuss any aspect of this advertising and promotion offer.

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For Businesses: You may be wondering what this ‘coupondeals’ idea is! – Well we have developed a fantastic product called the ‘coupondeals’ publication. It leverages the amazing power of the coupon or discount offer but effectively delivers this to targeted postcode areas. We send this to all the businesses and consumers in the postcodes that we choose. These are carefully chosen for density of population and businesses. We have been running coupondeals since 2014 and had some amazing feedback and support from many businesses.

Who is it for? – Well if you have ever considered other web based coupon ideas you will realize that they are very expensive for the business with some costing over 50% of the product cost. If you are looking to grow your business, get more customers or just increase local awareness in your business you can’t beat We send out an A3 folded magazine to upto 25,000 nearby consumers who can find your business in the publication and want to come and spend the coupondeal with you. How much they want to come will depend on how good your offer is. We suggest you try a great offer like the hugely successful restaurant that bought in to an advert with us for ‘peanuts’ but sold £25,000 worth of food. Now on the face of it that sounds phenomenal. It was… but that doesn’t include what was spent at the bar or the repeat business that those new customers brought to the restaurant in the following months.

If you run a business of virtually any kind in the postcode area we are publishing in you should consider a great offer and join up. Be creative though so you make a coupondeals offer that is simple, and where new customers can see the advantage in coming to you rather than your competition.

We accept:


Benefits: You get to feature in a publication that is focused on offering fantastic discount deals to new and existing customers. You are sharing the distribution cost of this ‘coupon’ with a limited number of suitable and like minded businesses in your area. You may even know some of them. This is a community based publication. We have found many members of the public look forward to the next publication to see what great offers there are for them.

Distribution: For a single company to offer a distribution to 25,000 addresses it’s going to cost far more than the amount you are being asked to pay as part of this publication.

WE ONLY USE ROYAL MAIL for our delivery it is the most trustworthy and reliable delivery we can find. We have tried many others and have found them inferior. We want to make sure that the publication gets to every address possible. We can’t do any better than The Royal Mail. Your advertising budget is in safe hands and we really hope to include you in every local ‘coupondeals’ that we produce.


We use Royal Mail for Distribution.

We can’t find a better or more reliable solution.

‘It enhances our brand
‘Good value for money’
‘A great publication’.